Moving support to

The TYPO3 core team anounced during the TYPO3 DevDays 2016 that every Q & A for and by the community should move to


stackoverflow is one of the most used website for placing questions and getting answers. Its features are:

  • Acceptance
  • Not just bound to TYPO3 or web related questions
  • Great gamification features which also improve the quality of questions and answers
  • Tagging

Why moving

Until now, several different services have been used which all got its drawbacks:

  • Mailinglists: Those (great) tools have been inventend in the last century and despite its advantages those are not indexed well by search engines, don’t have any authentication, no gamification and not tags.
  • Even though the forum is synced with the mailinglists, it is rarly used and not activly maintained.
  • Slack: Slack is the best tool for discussions. Questions & Answers are not indexable by search engines and as there is no structure inside a channel, answers don’t belong to a question but just to a channel and are hard to be found.
  • Facebook groups: Facebook is great for discussions as well but any community effort regarding solutions are lost as well


Any visibility is absolutely vital for the TYPO3 project. Especially since the usage of slack, it is nearly impossible to find answers to up-to-date questions in the web.

Imagine searching for a new TV and you wouldn’t find anything about a specific manufacturer? What would you think about that one? I guess it is something like: “If I don’t find anything, nobody uses their products and I should better use a more common piece.”

When not using stackoverflow

Stackoverflow is the right tool if you got questions and need answers. It is not a tool for

  • Discussions or help for choosing between option A, B and C. Check the Help Center for more details.
  • Blue prints
  • Announcements

Your help is needed!

Please help the TYPO3, the TYPO3 community and yourself!

  • If you need an answer to a TYPO3 related question, use stackoverflow.
  • Use as many (up to 5) tags and include at least the TYPO3 version as well
  • Use e.g. to find unanswered TYPO3 questions and try to answer those
  • Spread the word!

As always: English is preferred as more people can answer your question and more people can profit from your questions. However if you don’t write/read English well enough, please use of course the language you are feeling more comfortable in.

Thanks for reading!