Monitoring TYPO3 installations

If you got more than a dozen of clients it is important to know which extensions and which core versions are used.

shows you all of this information and even more in a clearly arranged module.


  • Used core: This includes information about outdated and insecure versions
  • Used extensions: This includes information about new releases (bugfix, minor, major) and insecure versions
  • Additional information: A simple API allows to add additional information. As a first example, it is shown if the project is built by using composer or not
  • All data of extensions and core are fetched automatically from

How does it look like

T3monitor Overview A nice dashboard like overview shows you all the important numbers like “How many clients are using an insecure core version”

T3monitor Search A search with some additional filters makes it possible to select those clients you are interested at

T3monitor Client The single view of a client shows you all the data you need:

  • Versions of TYPO3, Mysql and PHP
  • Extensions which are not installed but available
  • Extensions which are marked as insecure by the TYPO3 security team
  • Extensions which got new updates

T3monitor Extension list The extension list shows you all extensions which are used in your clients. A simple search makes it easy to find those you are interested in.

T3monitor Extension single view The single view of an extension shows you all the versions, upload comments and release dates.

T3monitor Administration In the adminstration section you can force an import of the core, extensions or clients. As those can take a while, a call via CLI is preferred.


Now you know how cool this extension is, it is time to talk about $$$! Of course the extension is completly free and uses GPL2 as license but I would like to try out a different concept based on trust.

If you want to use this extension it would be fair to support further development and all my other open source projects:

  • less then 20 clients: € 150
  • less then 100 clients: € 350
  • more than 100 clients: € 500

Those numbers are just a proposal for a onetime payment and without VAT. Please get in contact if you want to support me!


The monitoring concept requires 2 extensions.

1) The extension

is installed at the client and provides all information

2) The extension

collects all data, processes those and displays them nicely.


  • The monitor must be able to connect to all clients. TYPO3 CMS 7.6 LTS is required.
  • The client works currently with TYPO3 CMS 4.5 - 7.6


The installation is really easy:

1) Install the client: Get the extension from github (and soon from TER), install it and configure it in the Extension Manager by providing a secret. Also provide the IP of the monitor’s server. Repeat this process for every client.

2) Install the monitor: Get the extension from github (and soon from TER) and create a new client record. Important is the domain and the secret you just created.

3) Switch to the command line and use

./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase monitoring:importAll
. You can also create a scheduler task for that.

4) Switch to the T3monitoring module and start using it.

Next steps

A release to the TER will follow soon. After that I would like to collect more ideas and create a realistic roadmap out of that.


I would be very happy to get any feedback about

. Don’t hesitate to contact me via slack, twitter, email, …!

Thanks for reading!